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When Jeff was getting started in sports betting, he didn't have a full understanding of why the lines moved the way they move. Or how the public bettors compared to sharp bettors. 
He went to YouTube and started doing his own research and that's where he found us. He had gotten a lot of value from watching our free videos and could tell we setting realistic expectations unlike a lot of others out there. 
So, wanting to take his betting to the next level and made the decision to book a call with us.
The Results:

After implementing the processes and strategies we teach, Jeff said it gave him clear expectations and processes that he was able to stick to and consistently find winning plays on his own.
Within 6 months he was already seeing significant growth in his bankroll by adding over 60+ units to it and winning at nearly a 70% win rate.
Jeff now shows his friends how well he's doing and they're asking him to place bets for them all!
The Process:

Jeff wanted a consistent process that would produce results and wanted to learn how he could continually grow his bankroll to new levels.
We helped show him how to implement our processes and strategies. We answered his questions while he was learning and helped guide him if he needed any help. 
But once he saw those consistent results across all the different sports he was betting on, it made him realize he could really do this for himself for the rest of his life.

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The Linemaker Sports Mastermind is 100% about helping you take your bankroll to new levels. We do this by teaching you our Advatagoues Betting Strategies. Here we give you access to our private course/members area, unparalled support community, and exclusive, 1-1 coaching with Frank and the team so you learn how to consistently make your own picks profitably for the rest of your betting career!

Note: We do not accept just anyone into The Linemaker Mastermind. There are only a limited amount of spots each month to ensure the success of each client. This is for serious sports bettors only. If you’d like to learn more and possibly apply to join, click the button below…

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