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1-On-1 Professional Sports Betting Coaching!


The Linemaker Sports Mastermind is 100% about helping you take your sports betting to new levels. We'll show you exactly how to implement the strategies we use every day to consistently win. 


You'll get access to our private course/members area, unparalleled support community, and exclusive, 1-1 coaching with Frank and the team so you learn how to consistently make your own picks profitably for the rest of your betting career!


Note: We do not accept just anyone into The Linemaker Mastermind. It is limited to only 5 new members each month to ensure the success of each client. This is for serious sports bettors only. If you’d like to learn more and possibly apply to join, click the button below…

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You'll get access to the private members where we do all the hard work and research to deliver you winning picks everyday! 


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