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Before Sean found Linemaker Sports, he had tried working with multiple different people.
He was getting cheap picks and never really understood what was the process of coming up with the picks. 
Sean wanted to learn and understand how that process worked for coming up with picks and being able to consistently win with his own picks. 
The Results:

After working with us and implementing the processes and strategies we teach, Sean started tracking his bets and seeing more consistent results with his betting. He's been winning at a 58%+ rate and even had a 14-0 stretch of wins!
He is even winning more now than the people he had tried working with in the past. He is confident now in his betting to be able to do this for himself for the rest of his betting career! 
The Process:

We helped show him the mindset needed to stick with the process consistently and after a couple of months of trusting it, he could see his tracked results and know that he was profitable even if he had a bad day or two.
We help answer his questions and concerns throughout his learning processes and now knows the strategies and systems to use while looking at games and to make his own bets.
Sean's ready to see how far he can take this in a year on his own now and we're excited to see how great he's doing in the future. 

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The Linemaker Sports Mastermind is 100% about helping you take your bankroll to new levels. We do this by teaching you our Advatagoues Betting Strategies. Here we give you access to our private course/members area, unparalled support community, and exclusive, 1-1 coaching with Frank and the team so you learn how to consistently make your own picks profitably for the rest of your betting career!

Note: We do not accept just anyone into The Linemaker Mastermind. There are only a limited amount of spots each month to ensure the success of each client. This is for serious sports bettors only. If you’d like to learn more and possibly apply to join, click the button below…

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